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Staged homes increase profits, sell faster and reduce stress! A properly staged home becomes a seller's most powerful marketing tool by accentuating the best features of the property and making it feel bigger, brighter, and cleaner.

Styled rooms on the other hand, emphasize your personal preferences and personality. This process creates a cohesive, comfortable and inviting place you love coming home to!

At Velvet Door we believe that everyone can benefit from staged and styled homes whether appealing to prospective buyers or for personal inspiration. We enhance spaces, using our client's existing furnishings and decor to create inviting spaces that say "welcome home". Our expertise lies in our versatility, attention to detail and our resourcefulness. We look forward to showing you how to stage your home to sell or style it to stay.


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Tracey Riesgraf, Founder and Owner

Growing up, I was always envisioning beautiful spaces and transforming them in my mind. As a young girl, I watched closely, and even helped sometimes, as my Mom tirelessly decorated, and re-decorated the living room, the kitchen, the dining room...the list goes on! It wasn't until as an adult experiencing my first of five moves within 10 years, that I realized my passion for finding and creating beautiful homes and personal spaces. Today, my focus with home staging and styling is helping people start with what they already have to create special spaces simply by moving things around. Adding a print here and a plant there with my help, enhances the finished product. As a licensed realtor, I also understand the market and what appeals to today's homebuyers. Applying this and in depth market knowledge along with my passion for home decor, I am able to help homeowners transform rooms into spaces highlighting the home's best features.

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Don’t miss the recent Redfin article we were featured in:
“Home Staging Secrets: Simple But Impactful Staging Tips”

September 29, 2021

One important aspect that many home sellers overlook is staging. However, in today’s
competitive housing market, home staging is an essential step in order to sell your
home quickly, increase home value, and stand out from the competition. 
Redfin asked us to share why staging is so important for home sellers. So, whether
you’re relocating to Los Angeles, CA, or packing up and moving to Toronto, CA, you’ll
be able to set the stage and sell your home for all its potential. Check out what we had
to say!

Home Staging Secrets: Simple But Impactful Staging Tips

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"The way you live in your home and the way you market and sell your house are two different things"

Barb Schwarz

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